Cacheuta & Bodega Belasco de Baquedano

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What is the definition of a good wine? It should start and end with a smile.”
William Sokolin

After all this traveling around we needed a relaxing day badly. Our friend Alicia took us to Cacheuta, a spa with thermal pools and natural saunas, where we spent an awesome day of pampering and relaxing. The spa day included a buffet lunch with a full wood grill.

The next day it was time to explore Mendoza’s center a little bit. We don’t have pictures of this part because we forgot the camera, but it’s a busy city. We went to the parks, pedestrian streets, a Jesuit church and plazas surrounded by little coffee shops and restaurants.

In the afternoon we went to Bodega Belasco de Baquedano. This is probably not the first winery you plan to visit, but when you taste wine and you don’t have a developed sense of smell or an educated palate it sounds like Chinese when they expect you to find certain aromas or tastes in wine; yes, they will explain to you that white wines will evoke tastes of clear fruits such as pear, peach, green apple, etc. and red wines will evoke tastes and aromas of red fruits like plum, cherry or berries and that once they have spent some time in an oak barrel you should be able to identify more complex notes like oak, chocolate, vanilla or pepper; but can you really find all that without a little training?

With all this information fresh in our heads we headed to Belasco de Bauqedano, one of the four wineries in the world with an aroma room. The other three are located in Spain, France and California. This is basically a room with about 45 different aromas you should be able to find in wine. From primary aromas that come from the raw materials itself and are specific to each grape variety; to secondary aromas produced by the yeasts during the fermentation process all the way to tertiary aromas which shape the wines bouquet and appear both during ageing and also when the wine reposes in a bottle. We also had a chance to smell the 4 defects that can be found in a bottle of wine.

This place also has a good exhibit about corks.

This gives you a well-rounded idea to move on to the next wineries, and in our case it really helped. Unfortunately, we do not recommend moving on to their tasting room. You are basically on your own and their staff is not well trained to complete the experience with their wines. We were served two simple wines from bottles in a cooler that were opened for a while and the guy in charge of the tasting made no effort in explaining to us what aromas or tastes we should look for in their wines. So we highly recommend their scent room but skip the tasting and move on.

They day ended with a girl’s night out and the corresponding boy’s night out.

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